HammerPay Core Product Offering

Backend Management Portals

All HammerPay Digital mobile applications are managed by robust central core data bases and feature rich front end graphical interfaces that provide customers with all the tools necessary to manage operation key performance indicators. Reporting is made simple with the intuitive interfaces

Consumer Digital Wallets

Consumer mobile phone applications take into account the need for users to perform functions in a simple intuitive interface that are capable of providing all the features needed to transact in an effective – safe and secure manner.  The HammerPay digital wallets are built with all of this in mind.

Merchant Digital Wallets

Digital wallets are not complete without the ability to settle digital transactions between the consumer and the merchant and this is where the power of the wallet platform is evident. A built in digital point of sale device driven by simple OR Code technology inherent in the feature rich user interface of the merchant wallet.

Our Product Development Process


We visit your goals to ensure we understand exactly what you are trying to achieve with your product strategy. We appoint a product manager to guide you through this process and to allocate appropriately the resources needed to achieve your desired needs

Code & Test

Once the backend and frontend design has been coded and has fully met your requirement, we then deploy the UAT (user acceptance) deployment phase of the project. Following the successful testing and sign-off of this phase, we are assured that your goals have been met

Market Launch

As our business model is based on joint venture partnerships with our clients, we have an ongoing vested interest to ensure that performance of the platform is at the highest level and that customer support is meeting customer expectation at all times 

Contact us to discuss your requirements. We will be more than pleased to have one of our business development professionals reach out to you and provide you with a detailed assessment of your project